Chamonix- getting acquainted

just an email i sent to a few people just now. not very nicely written, just a brief update if you’re interested.

i made it to chamonix last night. the geneva airport was insane! so many people, huge ski
groups and a lot of people trying to get organized meeting their ski group coordinators.
anyway i managed to call phil the owner of the hostel to let me him know when i would be
in. he was meeting a friend for a drink so he gave me the code to the ski room so i could
get it. i had to take a 23 euro taxi ride to get from the bus station to the hostel since
the buses had stopped running, which was kind of unfortunate, but that’s how it had to be.
so i got to my very quiet room at around 9pm and it was a nice relief to make it! this
morning i woke up, met phil and a couple from spain that had stayed for the weekend and
was leaving today. i talked to the woman in some broken english. on the bus on the way to
chamonix there was couple from san franciso who i talked with. the guy had lived here for
a year so he was able to tell me about it. they were very nice.

the view from my room is unbelievable. i think the picture on the website actually is my
room with the double doors out to the deck. so nice! very simple, but i think it’s a good
place for me to stay minus the fact that it’s out of town a ways and the last bus leaves
town around 7:30. so this morning i got dressed and took the bus into town. wondered
around for about 30 mins before finally asking someone where the tourist information was.
i had seen signs but wasn’t able to spot it without some help. went there got some info
on ski places and the tickets. i’m glad i’m taking a day just to get oriented. after i
left the tourist info i have just been walking all over town and found this very american
like internet cafe which is a nice relief. i’ll probably grab a sandwich here for lunch
and then head back closer to where i’m staying to get my skis. phil said there was a shop
that was convenient. hopefully still open when i get there. i’ve master hello, please and
thank you in french but that’s really about it. very glad that phil is english, i plan on
asking him several questions tonight, to make sure i make it skiing in the right place

i’ve decided i’m somewhere in between all the people here. i’m not the most lost, but
definitely not totally aware of where i am all the time. there are plenty of people
wandering around the town today as lost tourists, so that’s nice to just wander with them.
i’m not even trying to pretend like i completely fit in. haha. also so many of the skiers
look incredibly hardcore, wearing harnesses over their ski pants and such. i think i
found the place where i’m supposed to meet the guides, but i’ll have to double check with
phil tonight. anyway, that’s about it, i won’t be living the night life for sure since
where i’m staying is out of the way and i’m kinda hoping to meet some more people (preferably
if they speak more english) from where i’m staying so we might be able to get a meal or
something in town sometime. we’ll see how it turns out. there are only 5 rooms where i’m
staying and i think only 3, including mine, were occupied last night. anyway i’ll keep you
updated as much as i can, but this place is a little expensive, so we’ll see. ok, well, i
guess i’m off to find some food, skis and maybe go back to the hostel/b&b to read all the
info i got. things are coming together, i’m just taking my time. love you a lot. talk to
you soon!


2 thoughts on “Chamonix- getting acquainted”

  1. liz: a) i get friend points for reading every word of your journey. b) i stand by what i said, you’re a nerd. c) i love that you are wandering foreign streets. i hope you are feeling magical, and that you have kept hold of the hope that you’ll meet many beautiful people (including that incredibly attractive european man who doesn’t wear his pants too tightly and is reading.. what’s that? dostoevsky? .. hot.) love you.

  2. you are a tremendous friend though i didn’t force you into reading it, but i’m glad you did 🙂 feeling very magical, the sparkly lights on all the balconies might have something to do with that though. no dostoesky boy yet… i’ll let you know.

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