London Life

Day two completed with only occasional trips down the wrong streets and a few moments of confusion. Not too bad so far in London, which, may I say, is a HUGE city! Thanks to the diagram of the tube, which I’m sure most everyone has seen before, it’s really pretty easy to get around on the underground. I even made two transfers on the way to school today and the trip was flawless. The surface streets are what confuse the heck out of me, but I managed to make it to school yestreday (and today on a different, faster route) which is basically an old house that has been converted into classrooms for our use. I met the others in the program, about 7 of us from Gonzaga and then others from PLU, UPS, Willamette and U of Portland. The GU girls and I are bonding well and getting to know some of the others. With everyone somewhat confused we’re all relying on each other for help and consequently getting to know each other quickly.

We got an overview of the program yesterday, lots of new information being thrown at us. It sounds like they’ll keep us busy and entertained for sure! Today we took a boat down the Thames to The Tower of London where we toured around for a bit. I saw a heck of a lot of old armor and artillery and even the Crown Jewels. It was good to make it to The Tower since on my last trip to London that’s where we were headed when the bombs went off on the underground (July 7, 2005), so of course we didn’t make it there. Tomorrow is the British Musuem, but don’t worry there are some academics involved and we have normal classes starting on Thursday.

We got a quick overview of our courses this morning. I think I will love my British novel class, be intimidated by my Shakespeare professor (which usually pays off in the end), enjoy British history and of course I’ll love my ‘Britain Today’ class which is ‘excursion based’ In fact we’re headed to Edinburgh for a group trip in a couple weeks!

After orientation yesterday I managed to find my way to Devan, Craig, and Pete Chalmers in Russell Square. It was great to see Craig and Pete, though it was brief, and I was grateful to retrieve my much needed luggage from Devan. Hard to believe, but my ski clothes from France just didn’t fit in too well in London.

I can see a pattern of life here beginning to emerge and think after a few more days I’ll feel pretty settled. Not necessarily ‘at home,’ but settled, and that’s pretty good for the first week, I think.

Really sorry pictures still aren’t up, I have the wrong adapter for my computer so a few more days… but I promise the pictures of the Alps will be worth the wait! I’ve actually been given some reading assignments so I guess I’m officially back in school. I better get started!

2 thoughts on “London Life”

  1. Hey! Glad to see that everything is going well and you are having a great time. I read your posts and basically I’m supremly jealous. I’m curious who are the UPS students in your program… maybe I know them?

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