Forgotten Bits


Edinburgh Castle at sunset, so pretty!

So, apparently there was an earthquake here last night. The funny thing was I woke up in the middle of the night and was just sure there was an earthquake, but I’m also a little sick, had a headache and convinced myself it was just a dream and went back to sleep. But then I got up this morning and the homepage on the internet said there a 5.2 earthquake felt widely across parts of England and Wales. Ha! I didn’t completely make it up in my sleep!! Random!

Thought I’d write something again, because I was in a bit of a hurry last time and realized I’d forgotten some events, not to mention some words in sentences, sorry for the poor writing!

Dinner with Liz was great, and I realized she’s just one of many people I’ve seen from home since I’ve been here. Like I mentioned before, sometimes I sit there and forget where I am. I walk out of the coffee shop or restaurant and, oh yeah, I’m still in London!! But it makes me think that perhaps home isn’t about WHERE you are, but about WHO you’re with.

Forgot to mention that I have done some running around London in between classes and trips elsewhere. One of my favorite stops so far was Windsor Castle. SO cool! My mouth dropped every time I went into a new room (especially the Great Hall!! what a place for a party!) and some form of exclamation came out of my mouth. Unbelievable… I wouldn’t mind a room there. Also walked over to Eton College the ‘public’ (which means private here) school where many famous Englishmen have gone, not to mention my personal favorite, Bridget Jones’s Mr. Darcy. 🙂 When asked about Colin Firth in any role, but especially as Mr. Darcy, my host mom, Jan, says (insert British accent here) ‘Ohhh, isn’t he LOVELY? We wouldn’t mind him knocking on the door would we?’ Ha… oh I love it!

Also managed to find my way to Covent Garden the other weekend. Big market there, tons of street performers, loads of people wandering around. Unfortunately, things cost money there… darn, but my friends and I did splurge and get a Belgain waffle that was glazed with some sort of intense sugar and covered in chocolate sauce. It was incredible and three bites from the end I thought I might cry, 1-because it was almost gone and 2- all the sugar just sat there in my stomach and it hurt, but I wanted the rest so badly!

Made it to another show last night. I keep getting free tickets from school. Though I enjoy going to plays and the theater at home, I don’t make a huge point of going. So, I’m totally taking advantage of it now! I saw “The Vertical Hour” last night, a contemporary play that discussed political issues such as the Iraq war but also examined personal philosophies and interpersonal relationships and their affect on our view of the world, etc. It was interesting and definitely worthwhile. Last week I made the trek out to Greenwich (on the complete opposite side of London from where I live) to see “The Merchant of Venice” in the upstairs of a pub. Shakespeare in a pub, great! It actually wasn’t a very compelling production, but that puts the amount of shows I’ve been to at 5, with “Much Ado About Nothing” on for next week.

So, I’m feeling a little more caught up now. Those are most of the things I managed to forget the other day. I’ve caught a little cold and don’t have class today, so I’m using it as my recovery day before heading off to Prague on Friday and running around for the next several weeks. Also, much like a normal semester at school, all my papers are due in the same week, so taking a few steps now to make that week less painful is a good idea! Next week I have another visitor to London, Lucas from school is coming to visit from Florence with another classmate. I’m so excited to see him and run around London showing him a few things. Also booked my ticket for spring break in Italy, first Rome for Easter (ha, that’s going to be ridiculous), then on to Florence and some surrounding areas. Hard to believe I’ve been gone a month already, I knew it would go fast!! Much love to everyone!

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Bits”

  1. Liz!

    Being the poor excuse for a friend that I am, I have sloughed on visiting your website, but I remembered tonight and made my way over here and will add it to my favorites.

    I haven’t read much but I will continue to work my way backwards to catch up with your adventures. Hope things are going great…Easter in Rome will be amazing, I hope.

    seeya 🙂

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