Internet Pitstop

I’m currently standing in Zion Lodge in Zion National Park. This is the first internet we’ve had in a few days and our only reason for coming to the lodge tonight was to charge our cell phone and camera batteries. So I just wanted to say that a more thorough update will be coming this weekend with our stop in Prescott, Arizona at my cousin Catherine’s house.

So far though the trip is off to a fantastic start. I already have about 300 pictures (I’m slightly obsessed with my new camera), Kayli and I haven’t killed each other yet, and we’ve done some great hiking in the Utah national parks so far. In the more detailed upcoming post you can look forward to some quotes from our trip so far, pictures, a list of “you know you’re in utah when…” jokes and generally great stories from the adventures of two 22 year old girls who got in the car to race around the country. Stops so far have been: Portland, OR; Bend, OR; Ogden, UT; Moab, UT; Bryce Canyon, UT; and Zion National Park tonight. Off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow! We endured below freezing temperatures at Bryce last night but are happy to be back in just sweatshirt weather tonight in Zion. Time to head back to the campground, more to come!

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