On the Road Again

We’ve found a cute wine bar/coffee shop/deli in Austin, Texas that has Wifi and we have camped out to catch up on all our computer needs. We are currently sitting on South Congress Street (SOCO) in Austin, which as far as I can tell is Seattle’s Capitol Hill with humidity. Our server has more or less told us his life story, including his aspirations of having a salon, comestics line, fashion line and about the novel based on his life that is in the process of being written. A unique area to say the least, people watching is fantastic. Our tour guide/my best friend Brittany is at school at the moment and will rejoin us this evening for more good times around the city.

Of course our internet time has been far less than normal, so I’m sorry I haven’t had very regular or detailed postings of the trip so far. But to work backwards and tell a little about our trip we’ll start with our arrival in Texas which was of course memorable because it’s Texas! Last night Brittany took us to Rudy’s BBQ which we never would have picked out on our own because it is part of a Shell gas station. Brittany walked us through the very detailed process of ordering meat by the pound and once we were done we walked away from the counter with a crate full of different kinds of meat and the makings for a few bbq sandwiches. It was excellent. She then finished our Rudy’s experience by taking us to the handwashing station where you put your hands in this machine and for 12 seconds with tickling shooting water, it sanitizes them. We received our “I have clean hands” stickers when we were done! We topped off the night by going to Amy’s ice cream (a local favorite among UT students) and getting a driving tour of the UT campus.

Prior to arriving in Texas, we stopped in both Santa Fe and Tatum, New Mexico. We were surprised to wake up to SNOW in Santa Fe. We are learning that season do in fact exist in the southwest and the jackets we packed are useful! We bundled up and wandered around Santa Fe on Monday morning finding the plaza, the churches that show the Catholic history of the town (one parish has been there for 400 years!), as well as the Native American jewelry vendors who were out selling their beautiful creations along the plaza. Kayli and I have been pretty good at not spending much money, but we got excited at the vendors and got some great souvenirs!

After emptying our wallets in Santa Fe we went to Tatum, New Mexico, a place I probably would have driven through at around 60 mph/hr if I didn’t know my wonderful friend Sally who lives there! She was recovering from being sick, but was still a wonderful hostess and we caught up on all the happenings of the last year.

All the things we did in Arizona would take quite a while to cover and we’re about to head out and see the great city of Austin! So more later, hopefully!

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