Texas Style


Last night Brittany took me to “The Broken Spoke” in Austin where it was confirmed that I am in fact not a cowgirl. Hard to believe after growing up in Seattle, I know. I will readily admit that the rhythm of my two step needs improvement and though I wanted to dance, when I actually got out on floor with a stranger who clearly knew how to lead, all sense of rhythm was gone. I had to further resist the influences of Texas culture when I walked into Allen’s Boots on South Congress St. I did in fact find a pair that I liked and that looked good… for only $450. Hmm… no.

I’ve decided that I like Austin and if I had to for some reason live in Texas, I think I could survive. That doesn’t mean I want to though, just for the record. I’m just saying it’s tolerable, which is far better than Kayli and I anticipated. We both decided that should there be anything in Texas that we witness that causes us to change our northwestern stereotypes of Texas, we would be willing to acknowledge it and admit ignorance. However, besides Austin (which I already understood to be the liberal hub of the state) nothing has really changed my opinion. As we drove through the scenery (or lack of) West Texas on Tuesday something about the oil derricks pulsating in the earth along the side of the road kept me from being too open minded about this lovely state!

In preparation for Brittany’s birthday celebration and Halloween (both tomorrow) we endured the crowds at two goodwill stores today. Tomorrow Brittany will be fashioning her Ninja-Geisha outfit and I have somehow acquired a strange combination of thrifty items that will morph me into a fairy ice queen (?). So that’s the latest from here, I am surviving in Texas! We’re off to be social with people I don’t know, should be great. Coming next is a list of uniquenesses about each state we’ve traveled to so far. TTFN.

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