An Epic Place to Wake Up

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Here is a list of every city, town, or place I spent the night during the year 2009:

(Note: I’d love to take credit for this idea, but it was in fact my friend Annie who posted her list of cities on her blog first. And she originally got it from our mutual friend Andrew. And I traveled so much in 2009 that I couldn’t pass up such a cool idea, so thanks Ferg!)

Seattle, WA*
Spokane, WA*
Tacoma, WA
Boise, ID*
Atlanta, GA*
Columbia, MO*
Hayden Lake, ID
Twin Falls, ID*
Missoula, MT*
Wallace, ID
Denver, CO*
Golden, CO
Kootenay Pass, British Columbia, CANADA
Austin, TX
Bend, OR
Portland, OR
Bellingham, WA
Cypress Island, San Juans, WA
Ogden, UT*
Moab, UT
Bryce Canyon National Park, North Campground, UT
Zion National Park, South Campground, UT
Prescott, AZ
Santa Fe, NM
Tatum, NM
Meridian, MS
High Falls State Park, near Macon, GA
Bluffton, SC
Washington, D.C.
Jackson, WY*
George, WA
Moran, WY (Grand Teton National Park)
Death Canyon, Grand Teton National Park, WY
Terre Haute, IN
Zambezi, ZAMBIA
Lusaka, ZAMBIA
Livingstone, ZAMBIA
Chobe National Park, BOTSWANA
Alta, UT
London, England, UK

15 different states (I did travel through several other states, but did not spend the night.)
5 different countries
40 total different places

Needless to say, not many nights were spent in “my” bed. My sleeping bag and I have bonded a lot and I must say that one of my new favorite items is my silk sleep sack, which is possibly one of the greatest inventions ever. I slept in it every night in Zambia and couldn’t have been more pleased (except for the night I woke up with a cockroach in my bed, but I can hardly blame the silk sleep sack for such an event!). Now that I am at Jubilee, I do have my own bed that I can count on sleeping in every night. It is in a delightful little loft in my room, which I am absolutely in love with and tend to talk about it somewhat obsessively on a regular basis. It is so cozy and is probably one of the greatest ways to utilize space. It even has a skylight in it that allows me to wake up to bright sunshine every morning. Are you convinced that my loft is amazing yet? In fact, I think I’ll go crawl up there right now and read. Night night.

4 thoughts on “Places.2009”

  1. Why do I not see AUSTIN!!?! The place that was the BEST!?


    Nevermind, after double checking the list one more time, I found it. Good. It better be there.

  2. Ya MISSOULA!!!!
    Love your blog missy- keep it up!
    Cant wait till the next time I see you!
    you better hit up missoula on your way back to sea-town

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