The End (for now)

Well, this will be my last post from Jubilee. Hard to believe, but May has arrived and time here is winding down. No one is particularly excited for the transitions we will all be experiencing (even though many of us are going to great places and on wonderful adventures in the near future!). Just to keep things interesting, I like to “go out with a bang,” so this time, I’ve injured myself. While playing a great game of soccer on Saturday afternoon with some other volunteers and the refugee kids, I thought it might be a good idea to slide tackle a player to prevent a goal from scoring. The goal was blocked! The bad news is, though it has been described as a spectacular play by witnesses, I’ve hurt my knee, stretching my MCL and possibly the other ligaments in my knee. Don’t know all the details for sure since an MRI would be needed to see all the damage, but after two doctor visits it’s confirmed that in fact I’m not making it up. I do know that I’ll be hobbling in a knee brace for 6-8 weeks. Awesome. Guess that means no hiking in the Tetons, huh? So… while I’m trying not to throw myself a pity party about how I move at about a quarter of my normal speed, I’ll share a few more things that have gone on here at Jubilee.

We’ve all done a lot of reflecting on what our time here as meant, living in community, working with refugees, embracing a simple lifestyle, etc. My time here has been truly beautiful and I’m grateful to have spent these last months here. Last Thursday we gathered together as volunteers and Christina, one of the partners, facilitated a discussion on things we’ve learned, rituals/practices we want to take away from Jubilee, any revelation we’ve had, questions that we now have, etc. It was very broad, we could make personal lists and share whatever we felt we wanted to. So I thought this would definitely be something good to look back on, and perhaps others might enjoy seeing things I’ve been thinking about and learning. This is merely brainstorming, some are just brief sentences or fragments, some may seem incoherent or perhaps refer to an inside joke of sorts, but below is the list I wrote myself.

-Apparently it is possible to live an alternative lifestyle without losing your mind.

-Settling down is possible, roots do grow (sometimes even when you don’t want/expect them to) and they are good.

-Time is incomprehensible and invaluable, shared conversation and experience are irreplaceable.

-Experience vs. Lifestyle

-The South is tolerable—maybe even fun?!

-Small(er) town is positive/preferable

-What does it mean to know someone?

-Serving really is the least I can do.

-Slow down and listen.

– Money: Stop spending it, Clothes: Stop buying them, Gossip: Stop saying it, Cell Phone: Stop talking on it/ put it down and stop texting, Fast food: don’t eat it.

– I do not need Starbucks.

– The people you are around are the most important people.

– Lifetimes of faith/service: Coffee, Don, Robbie—levels of commitment beyond understanding

– Give, even when you don’t want to/think you can’t.

– Keep running, it feels good. (Note: I would just like to reflect on the irony of that one now in my current state!)

– Have a conversation about a book—for fun!

– Make it work, go beyond the surface, plunge deeper even when it’s “stickier.”

– Communication is only sometimes about words.

– Farms can be beautiful, not boring.

– More is not more.

– Community is not simply a group of people.

– Feed others, then feed yourself.

– Monday hugs.

– Greens can taste good.

– Strip malls hurt my soul.

– Shut up every once in a while, give your two cents only when you know that it’s worth two cents.

– Pretending hurts, so stop that right now.

– Worship is wonder.

– Clean up.

– Look around.

– Inefficiency is good?

2 thoughts on “The End (for now)”

  1. I think I might print this list out and post it where I can see it everyday. How did you get so wise, so young? (No Starbucks? REALLY?) 🙂


  2. LIz! I’m so sorry to hear about your leg. Ouch! I hope you heal up quickly. I’ve read just a few of your blogs. Very honest and insightful. It must be difficult to leave Jubilee where you’ve learned so much and developed such meaningful relationships. I understand a little of that even just visiting for a few days. The cool thing is that, at the risk of sounding cliche, you will carry these experiences with you. They will inform future decisions and experiences.

    I’m bummed that we couldn’t meet up for some camping, but it sounds like it may not have worked anyway in your current state. I hope you have a safe trip home and a restful summer. Keep in touch with me, would love to hear what you’re up to (even if by text!). Call or email me if you want. Can’t wait to hear about your Alaskan adventures as well. God bless. Safe travels.

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