Let’s Get Organized!

Disclaimer: This is not a post about an amazing adventure I have had or a crazy story about any service I have done. Sometimes you have to mention the ordinary and this is about the plain old everyday.

I’ve been home almost two weeks during which I have been learning numerous things about myself and my belongings. Most of these revelations have been prompted by the massive room clean out I have been attempting. After about three years of constantly running in and out of Seattle, a pretty serious box catastrophe has piled up in my room. I think the first wrong move I made was in the summer of 2007 when I came home from college for the summer and decided to repaint my room unaware of what that truly entailed. Turns out when you have to strip wallpaper first, the “painting” process becomes much longer. In an effort to make progress I boxed up everything in my room and then proceeded to sleep on the couch for the next two months while my room was in a state of disarray. (I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Annie Mesaros and Mike Demmert for assisting me in this project. Without their enthusiasm I’m confident I would still be sleeping on the couch).

All to say that my room has never really recovered from the repainting of 2007 and my rapid returns and departures to and from my various nomadic adventures have only perpetuated the cycle of disorder. As I’m currently in Seattle for the longest amount of time since 2007, I am making an attempt to repair several years of organizational damage. After leaving Jubilee and preparing to join JVC, both organizations which focus on SIMPLE living, I’m trying to look at my chaotic collection of material possessions with a fresh perspective. Here’s what I think so far:

1) I must never purchase another pen in my life. Huge quantities of pens from random businesses and hotels appear in the most ridiculous locations–for instance, in my sunglasses case in the top drawer of my dresser. How? I have no idea. But it’s likely that we end up with so many because pens are perhaps the #1 most stealable item. Why buy when you’ve accumulated 20 in your purse in the past month?

2) I cannot receive lotion as a gift anymore. I’m sorry, I just can’t. I have approximately 20 travel size bottles of various lotions from who knows where. I am, however, never able to locate these at the necessary time resulting in the purchase of a large bottle of Nivea at the drugstore.

3) It’s ok to throw away birthday cards from 1996. How long, really, do you have to keep personal notes and holiday/birthday cards? It was an awkward situation, but it was just time to let a few shoe boxes full of Hallmark cards go.

4) I have approximately one journal for every year of my life and almost all of them are empty. Or, the first fives pages are full, then I got distracted, didn’t follow through on recording my daily happenings and forgot about it. Until . . . I got another journal! And I wrote in the first five pages and then . . .

5) Magazines are the root of all clutter evil. If I didn’t read the Ski magazine when it arrived in November 2007, I’m certainly not going to read it in July 2010. Put that pile in the recycle right now!

So, is my room clean after all these revelations? Don’t be ridiculous, of course not. I have too many pens, bottles of lotion, and journals sitting around for it to be clean. At least I got rid of those magazines!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized!”

  1. “In September 2005, Bic announced that it has sold its 100 billionth disposable pen. If that boggles your mind, just think of the billions more of disposable ballpoint pens manufactured by other companies. To place 100 billion in perspective, think of placing the pens end to end. Now, imagine that the world is literally in your hands. You will discover that the arranged pens can circle the globe 348 times!”


    In Indonesia we go through WAY MORE pens because they’re generally really crappy. Buy one, use it for a day, stops working, throw it out. Repeat. I’m going to focus on using one refillable pen from now on, once I get the US!

  2. shoot, I was going to get you some lotion and a box of pens for your birthday, now I will have to get creative.

    1. Jason, I am terribly sorry to have made your shopping more difficult. Would it help if I gave you my current wish list? My birthday is only a couple weeks away… 🙂

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