Slackline in Sitka

Me, Slackline, Sitka

Originally uploaded by lizpurdy05

My apologies for the lack of blogging. The weather has simply been too nice to sit inside on the computer, even in the evenings I can barely bring myself indoors for dinner.

So here’s a little update: the slackline was introduced to Sitka and my housemates and was wonderfully accepted! (It was also given thorough analysis by a couple of our friends who are on the local Search and Rescue crew, after discussing the physics of it, it was approved and they tried hopping on!). We have an especially great spot to set it up just off Crescent Harbor, which is essentially our front yard, and in my opinion, one of the best views/people watching locations in town (Ok, actually the best people watching is at the P (Pioneer) Bar on a Saturday night, but you get the idea). If I ever talk to you on the phone while I’m in Sitka, chances are I’m sitting by  Crescent Harbor. We enjoyed plenty of stares from people driving by and my goal (sort of) is to be in the Sitka Daily Sentinel sometime this year with me on the slackline. I think it might actually be possible.

Other events of the last week include going fishing after work on both Thursday and Friday with our buddy Tyler. We caught a few pink salmon, but most impressively I filleted it right there on the beach–blood, guts, eggs, and all. Awesome, my new rain jacket has officially been baptized with fish blood. Runs across the bridge to Japonski Island are quite possibly my new favorite activity and we’re all in shock with the sunshine that is lingering here. Is it really mid-September? It’s probably best if I don’t say too much about it. More to come when it rains . . .

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