In Sitka, a Few Pictures are Worth…

many more words than I could use to describe the highlights of the past few weeks.

Me and Jackie kayaking on a beautiful day!

Eating fresh caught crab on the deck of the boat. YUM.

Sunny Labor Day boat ride with my housemates! Mt. Edgecumbe looking delicious in the background.


Sunny afternoons outside the library.


Drinking local.

Gina and Me

Hiking Verstovia with Gina and Matt.

Jackie, Steph, Elle- Slackline

Getting my housemates to try out the slackline!

Hiking Gavan with the whole house.

Learning how to filet freshly caught fish.

Becoming life size gumby dolls in survival suits. Me on left, Gina on right.

4 thoughts on “In Sitka, a Few Pictures are Worth…”

  1. It sounds like you are enjoying your scenery as well as your new job. It looks beautiful there. Someday I will visit. I am glad Lucas has shared these photos with us. So tell me, if it rains 50 inches from Sept – Dec what happens after that. Will you have 50 inches of snow to follow. Keep up the great work you and your housemates are doing. Can’t wait to hear the next tales of fishing and dancing. Marie

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