Herring Update, Juneau Photos

The third herring opener has been called this afternoon at 1 p.m. here in Sitka. After Friday’s opener and the drama of the Infinite Grace almost flipping completely over, the herring fleet has caught 7.1 tons of the allotted 19 tons for the season. The fishermen took the weekend off to allow the processors to catch up from Thursday and Friday’s openers and were back at it today. Living just a few feet from one of the harbors here allows me to keep close tabs on where the boats are and whether they are out on their latest pursuit. The boat, Infinite Grace, happens to be parked at Crescent Harbor (when not tipping over in the ocean) and I feel like I’m beginning to stalk the guys on that boat because of the frequency with which I see them at the harbor and around town . . . awkward!

Finally, some photos from retreat weekend in Juneau and one of my favorite outings of the year so far to Mendenhall Glacier!

Under perfectly clear skies, Ian and co. begin the trek out on the frozen lake toward the glacier.

Ian Trekking to the Glacier

Across the lake we go, it was farther than it looked!


We stopped by a few large ice chunks to show off their size!


Once we got to the glacier, our path across the lake was obvious. Look at all those tiny people out there!

Line of People Trekking Across the Lake

Then we had a photoshoot on the glacier, naturally. Ian, Braden, and Conor, some of Alaska’s most attractive JVs! 😉

Three of My Favorite Boys, How Bromantic!

Braden, showing off his soaking wet leg after falling in thigh-high!

Saucy Braden Showing Off his Soaking Wet Leg

And then we had to smile for the camera while the sun was in our eyes . . . and that awesome hunk of ice was behind us!

YAY, Braden and Me at Mendenhall!

And, of course, Ian and I got an awesome snowball in the face from Bridget while showing off our icicles!

Bridget Snowballs Us!

A fabulous outing, indeed! Sorry for the delay in posting photos. At this rate, herring photos will be up in July 🙂

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