The Sun Attempts to Shine and My Ten Minutes of Fame

 Summer decided to make an appearance in Sitka yesterday, but conformed to the usual low-lying clouds this morning. Good thing, since I was sweating far too much for it to be only 70 degrees! The end of the year has been moving rapidly toward the completion of my contract with JVC at the end of the month. Work continues to be busy (borderline out of control, to be honest), and we’re packing in the community events with housemates before the first one of us leaves town in just under a week!
As JVs, we have certain procedures to follow as we approach our departure, including creating our photo collage of the year to hang on the wall of our house for the incoming JVs to enjoy (Can you imagine how many photos we had to sift through? Six girls, seven cameras, thousands of photos… literally), a “dis-orientation” time of reflection and closure with our community members, creating a calendar for the 2011-2012 JVs, and this morning we started what could become a new tradition, the six of us spoke live during the morning interview that aired for the local NPR radio station, KCAW, or Raven Radio. I am working to find out how to download the interview so I can post it the my blog permanently, but for now, you can click on the link to the radio website and find the morning interviews on the right side of the webpage. Look for my name and click on the link!
Samsing Cove Cabin
 This past weekend we headed out to Samsing Cove Cabin in Tongass National Forest, about a 20 minute boat ride across the waters from Sitka. We managed to have no rain, which was incredible considering the first week of July was dreary and cold (I even managed not to see a single firework on the 4th, though I heard many) and we spent a quiet night reading, enjoying the beautiful sunset, and hanging out by the campfire. We woke to sun blasting through the cabin windows (a near-miracle as far as I was concerned) and the six of us promptly began sunbathing at 8:30a.m. fearing we would lose our chance to absorb some UV rays any minute.
Holly, Samsing Cove Sunset
 About a month ago, I spent a day on the water, not catching any UV rays, but attempting to catch salmon with my friend Lucas who was in town. Lucas managed to arrive on the perfect day in early June when we had the chance to go out on a charter fishing boat for free (these trips usually cost several hundred dollars at best!) with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska. Lucas and I hopped on board with a local kiddo who I’ve gotten to know this year and enjoyed a wild ride out to Salisbury Sound (about an hour boat ride north of town) where we anchored in the swells and tried casting and catching. With the help of the captain and deckhand, we managed to take home a king salmon that we filleted and threw on the grill just a few hours after we pulled it from the water. We even had enough left over for two more dinners that week, so Lucas got an authentic Southeast Alaska experience and cuisine!
Me and Lucas Fishing
Me and my King Salmon

My good friend, Chris Bonner, left town at the beginning of July as he is being transferred to his next assignment with the Coast Guard at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. We had one final night on the town here in Sitka, filled with shuffleboard, Chris’s sing-a-longs, and even a trip to the ER after I tripped and fell on a rather exposed, yet sneaky, cement wall/curb (don’t worry, I only pinched a nerve in my arm and had several colorful bruises the following days!). Chris’s farewell was the first of many goodbyes to come over the next couple months.

Me, Chris, Brandon

But for now, I’m soaking the days filled with “liquid sunshine,” trying to avoid too many tourists wandering Lincoln Street, and awaiting the arrival of my parents in just a couple of weeks! Finally, if anyone is interested, I made an appearance on the Krista Foundation website, when I was featured on their blog last month. Thanks to Annie, who helped them write a lovely article!

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