Roaming Photo Tour of Alaska

Uploading and organizing my hundreds of photos from vacation is a work in progress, but here is a glimpse, in no particular order, of my recent travels throughout The Last Frontier.

Me and Kennel Puppy

Me petting a kennel racing dog at the Chena Village, Fairbanks, AK.

Mom and Granite

Mom with Granite, former Iditarod winning dog, Fairbanks, AK.

The Shrine

My parents and I visited the Shrine of St. Therese, Juneau, AK.

Landscape at the Shrine, Fireweed

The fireweed was blooming in full force everywhere we traveled, Juneau, AK.


We spent a misty afternoon at Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, AK.

Mom and me

But we were all smiles (and one pair of foggy glasses!) in the rain, Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, AK.DSC_0073

True to Southeast’s reputation, moisture was evident everywhere, in raindrops and icebergs alike, Mendenhall Lake, Juneau, AK.

BIG Bear

We saw ourselves a big ol’ Grizzly Bear munching on berries, Denali National Park, AK.


Along with some caribou grazing along the hillsides, Denali National Park, AK.


I took the opportunity at a rest stop to be a ridiculous tourist, Denali National Park, AK.


Most importantly, we even got to see that BIG mountain on the road to Kantishna! Denali National Park, AK.

Oh Yeah! Denali is visible!

I was pretty impressed we had such an incredible morning of clear views, Denali National Park, AK.


Man, that mountain is MAJESTIC, Denali National Park, AK.

Hey Look, I'm at Denali National Park

In case there was any confusion about seeing the mountain, I got a picture with the sign too, Denali National Park, AK.

Alaska Railroad

We hopped on the Alaska Railroad for a scenic ride from Fairbanks to Denali and Denali to Anchorage, AK.

Byron Glacier, Portage Valley

Byron Glacier in Portage Valley, AK where we spotted several more glaciers.

Resurrection Bay

And we even managed to enjoy a semi-sunny boat ride around Resurrection Bay that bordered Kenai Fjords National Park near Seward, AK.

Well I think that’s a healthy dose of my recent Alaska roamings. There are always more pictures on Flickr that I’m slowly attempting to organize. This coming Wednesday, I’ll hop on the ferry heading south with many memories of this great state.

3 thoughts on “Roaming Photo Tour of Alaska”

  1. How fun! My husband I would love to visit Alaska someday. Specifically, to hunt caribou. The grizzly bears, however, would scare the heck outta me. Found your blog through the WordPress appeal. So fun! Glad it happened for you; it seems to be about time! Hope you meet lots of great people that way.
    God Bless–

  2. Really me?!!? Really? Obviously this comment was supposed to be on the previous post… I will go have some more coffee. On this post, however I would mention that I drove by Denali on the parks more than 30 times without seeing the mountain up close. I almost didn’t see it up close until I was on it (which would have been kind of funny… but I saw it on the way to talkeetna to climb).

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