Why, Thanks!


WOW, well, I certainly didn’t expect that to happen! THANK YOU, WORDPRESS!! I’m totally humbled and honored (and yes, completely aware of how shameless my post was, but as many of you replied, “Ask and you shall receive”). Yesterday was, without a doubt, the best day of my blogging life. Thank you also to my friend Andrew, aka Ferg, who thought to tweet @wordpress to get it recognized, a little tip (my apologies, WordPress, if I’ve created a monster). Ferg will be compensated for his efforts, as he requested, with a plate of brownies.

No one has ever “liked” a post on my blog before, so little did I know that WordPress sends me an email every time someone chooses to like it. My gmail account easily had the most active day since the creation of my email address and waking up to 94 emails on my phone yesterday morning immediately clued me in to my short-lived fame. It was probably the most excited I’ve been to get up since Christmas Day circa 1992. Not that normally waking up to my daily Groupon and Writer’s Almanac email from Garrison Keillor isn’t equally as thrilling. By the end of yesterday, I felt a bit like author A.J. Jacobs as he obsesses in The Year of Living Biblically about his previously published best seller admitting, “I really, really must stop self-Googling.” Yesterday, I too, really, really needed to stop looking at my site stats!

Mostly, thank you to all the bloggers who shared comments of encouragement. They are so much appreciated!! And for those who chuckled, glad there were a few more smiles yesterday. A few hours on FP left me with (for those of you who inquired) close to 6,000 hits for the day, 400+ plus comments, and, yes, even an offer for a lunch date with an (unavailable) ex-boyfriend.

Those of you who choose to follow along, I will try not to disappoint, though I may have some trouble topping my own appeal.

21 thoughts on “Why, Thanks!”

  1. You are such a gem! AND BRILLIANT you have pesonality to zip it all together, the (unavailable) ex should stay that way, you have something truly special headed your way girl. Be strong you ROCK! ( glad I didn’t subscibe to follow-up comments yesterday like I almost did, that would have been a crazy list to keep up with, kudos to you for answering each one!)

  2. Hey, just want to say congrats on your FP success. I, like many others, found you that way and was drawn in by the sheer creativeness (and cheek) of your idea. I thought it was brilliant and you deserved your fame. Keep up the good work and keep the posts coming. Yours, your newest follower, JB4PM

    1. Wow, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed some of the older posts, my readership was much smaller then. Hope I can keep things interesting now for so many new readers!

  3. I agree with what Georgette Sullins wrote. It was thoughtful of you to post a thank you. Not only is yours a blog I’ll want to read, you seem like a person I’d want to know. Again, brava for a brilliant and witty post, congrats on your best blogging day ever, and for heaven’s sake, keep on keep writing!!

  4. Your writing is delightful. I’m glad you were featured on Freshly Pressed yesterday and that I happened to check it today. I really should be off this computer and in bed but something compelled me to take a peek tonight. The lack of sleep is all worth it.

    Wow–nearly 6000 hits? That’s amazing! I was featured on Freshly Pressed many months ago and I didn’t have half that many hits. Your post was way more fun than mine though. I look forward to reading your future posts. Write on!

  5. Glad I could contribute to your sparkly inbox experience! And the ex-boyfriend thing is hilariously amazing.

    I have really enjoyed reading through some of your old posts over the last few days. Some of your photos have really sparked some memories of my trip to Alaska, approximately one million years ago. I look forward to continuing to backtrack through the archives!

  6. A dream come true indeed! Add me to the list of people who got a good laugh out of your FP post. Somehow, the lunch date offer makes it even more awesome. I’m going to read some of your older posts now, love your sense of humor!

  7. Wow, you’re like famous or something now 😉

    Are you still in Sitka? because if you are I will be headed your way later this month (I get in the evening of the 20th). Let me know.

    1. Hey Mike!

      I am not still in Sitka, I headed back to good ol’ Washington state at the end of the summer. There is a recent GU grad who is a JV up there this year. If you want any contact info for the JV house, let me know, they are a fun bunch! Good luck as you head out traveling for the admissions office!

  8. Liz,

    I love your blog! Fun stuff. And I love that you love Garrison Keillor. I have this thing for Minnesotan storytellers older than my dad (a story for our next happy hour), but especially GK. The dude is a pillar of wisdom and storytelling prowess. I’m so glad you’re in PDX! Here’s to more adventures, soon!


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