Let’s Go Get Married in a Field!

So, I made this blatant appeal to WordPress and then just drop off the face of the blogging world. Totally lame, I know. I promise to return to better blogging efforts lest people think I’m not worthy of having received the “freshly pressed” honor!

But this past month I had the pleasure of being able to travel around the U.S. visiting one of my best friends in Chicago while attending a conference for returned volunteers (such as myself, I am an FJV–Former Jesuit Volunteer— now, after all!), then I returned to Jubilee Partners, where I volunteered prior to moving to Alaska while living in community and working with refugees in Georgia, and finally I wrapped up my three-part trip in Columbia, Missouri spending a week with my elderly grandmothers who live in the same town and don’t talk to each other; they just talk to me about each other.

The most beautiful part of my trip was seeing my two wonderful friends, Leslie and Caleb, who I volunteered with in the spring of 2010 at Jubilee, get married back on the Jubilee farm in a simple, family-oriented ceremony.

Wedding Day
The Stage was Set for a Beautiful Ceremony

The big oak tree (the Jubilee “wedding tree”) stood as the focal point of the backdrop with a cloudless sky and warm sunshine filling the field as the flower girls ran up and down the aisle before friends and family arrived.

Flower Girls Down the Aisle
The Flower Girls threw Colorful Autumn Leaves
L&C Ceremony
The families participated in the ceremony, leading them through songs, prayers, and their vows.
Jubilee Friends at the Wedding
Members of the Jubilee community looked on as yet another pair of their volunteers met, fell in love, and returned to Jubilee to be married.
L.C. and me
And, of course, I got a picture with the bride and groom. We were quite the trio when we all lived together at Jubilee.

Between all the wedding planning, Leslie, Caleb, and I even managed to fit in late night dance parties in the kitchen (with or without music), a toothbrushing party, and a trip out to Trapeze in Athens for some local brew. Thanks to Leslie and Caleb for a beautiful day and to Jubilee for allowing me to return to visit and share in the special occasion!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Go Get Married in a Field!”

  1. Welcome back! I was wondering if you were still breathing…I look forward to more of your posts and getting to know you better. God bless. -watw

  2. “Let’s go get married in a field”? The last thing I need is to get my hopes up for a marriage proposal, just to find out that you’re writing about a marriage that has nothing to do with me.


  3. don’t forget we went out dancing too! maybe you were too embarrassed to mention the Loft to your faithful blog readers? leslie and i miss you bunches and can’t wait to hear from you again! -the groom

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