Sarah’s Alaska Tour, Part I

Note: This is the most political my blog will ever be.
Sarah hasn’t been in the news as much since other political figures have been gracing the headlines of newspapers and nightly news broadcasts recently. But she certainly hasn’t been forgotten. In fact, just last month, I ran into a man in New London, Connecticut who shared his passion for Sarah on the street corner during a sunny autumn afternoon.
My buddy, Brandon, with a Hopeful and Expectant Sarah Fan

I’m not sure about “Sarah’s World Tour,” but I was able to catch up with Sarah this past summer as she explored some of her home turf around the great state of Alaska, “the Last Frontier.”

If Sarah did go on a world tour, as this man anticipates (he’s even drawn her tour bus on the sign), I suspect she would probably want to represent her deep connection to Denali National Park by taking a bus that drives the park road regularly to Kantishna Roadhouse.

Sarah by the Kantishna Roadhouse Bus
Sarah by the Kantishna Roadhouse Bus
Sarah by the Kantishna Roadhouse Bus
I think it suits her!

And who knows, she might even consider an alternative form of transportation like she did this summer on the Alaska Railroad!

Sarah Riding the Rails
Sarah Ridin' the Rails

Sarah hopped off the train at Alaska’s most popular national park–she is quite the environmentalist, ya know!

Sarah in Moose Coat, Sunglasses AT DNP
Looking Classy in Denali NP--She's definitely ready for an outdoor adventure in that outfit!
Sarah by the Nenana River
Sarah Strolled Along the Nenana River, Enjoying Nature
Sarah Visits Denali River Cabins
And she even "roughed it," finding a place to rest her head at Denali River Cabins.

After her appearance at Denali NP and the surrounding area, she headed to another region of Alaska, Southeast, where she showed support for the troops and embraced the local fishing lifestyle. Stay tuned…