Ok, Fine, It’s Really Snowing in Seattle

I wasn’t willing to admit that a snow storm was probable on Tuesday night when the forecasters said we’d have several inches in Seattle. I insisted on driving up to Seattle from Portland on Tuesday night, my boss allowed it so I could make it up before the storm and still go to my planned events later this week.  The roads were clear almost all the way up I-5 and not a flake existed anywhere in Seattle on Tuesday night.

Even when I woke to about 4 inches yesterday at my parent’s house on Queen Anne, I thought it would  be raining by now.

I can tell this is a rite of passage into adulthood: I’m not sledding and I’m wishing the roads were clear so I could go about my schedule as planned. What happened to racing up and down the hills?! I guess I only do that in the form of downhill skiing now.

I hate to perpetuate the hype, but it is quite literally still dumping in Seattle right now. There have been teasers with freezing rain early this morning, but as of now, it’s just snow, and it’s still falling.

I’ve taken refuge at Bustle Coffee Shop on Queen Anne with several others who are resisting the urge to sled and have laptops open in an attempt to work.

Bustle Coffee Shop is, in fact, bustling with activity as every table is taken with people seeking Wi-Fi and warmth.
People are coming to the frosty door defeated as they see every spot taken already. Sorry!
But the view is still lovely and the people watching is, of course, fabulous.
When I see cross country skis propped against the bakery door, it makes me feel like I'm living in Sun Valley.
And this child, has just about had it with her mom wasting time indoors getting coffee. "Bye, bye... bye Mom..." she keeps saying to her mom at the counter as she swings the door open and closed (letting cold air in). Awesome.

So, whatever Mother Nature, just do what you do and I’ll just keep changing my plans, and learning to enjoy it 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ok, Fine, It’s Really Snowing in Seattle”

  1. Awwww…sorry about the adulthood part! But when it happens at the right time, snow days are still a marvelous thing, even, and especially for working folk. Get out of the cafe, get your skis on and tool around QA! I used to love to do that when we got those rare days…

  2. Liz, I thought of you the other day as I picked up the Sentinel, only to see a photo of Queen Anne snowed in! I wanted to mail it to you but, unsurprisingly, have lost your new address. 😦 Could you send it to me once more, please?

    Hope you’re staying warm! It’s snowing here too, weirdly. Oh, mother nature…

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