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AND (I forgot to mention) I just  passed 20,000 hits on my blog today. When the WordPress fame frenzy occurred someone speculated how long it would take to make it from 10,000-20,000 hits since it had taken 3.5 long years to reach the 10,000 mark. It seems as though the traffic has increased significantly after my “appeal” (and lack of maintenance), 10,000 hits from Sept 23, 2011 to Feb 27, 2012. Not too shabby. Thanks, friends.

Why, Thanks!


WOW, well, I certainly didn’t expect that to happen! THANK YOU, WORDPRESS!! I’m totally humbled and honored (and yes, completely aware of how shameless my post was, but as many of you replied, “Ask and you shall receive”). Yesterday was, without a doubt, the best day of my blogging life. Thank you also to my friend Andrew, aka Ferg, who thought to tweet @wordpress to get it recognized, a little tip (my apologies, WordPress, if I’ve created a monster). Ferg will be compensated for his efforts, as he requested, with a plate of brownies.

No one has ever “liked” a post on my blog before, so little did I know that WordPress sends me an email every time someone chooses to like it. My gmail account easily had the most active day since the creation of my email address and waking up to 94 emails on my phone yesterday morning immediately clued me in to my short-lived fame. It was probably the most excited I’ve been to get up since Christmas Day circa 1992. Not that normally waking up to my daily Groupon and Writer’s Almanac email from Garrison Keillor isn’t equally as thrilling. By the end of yesterday, I felt a bit like author A.J. Jacobs as he obsesses in The Year of Living Biblically about his previously published best seller admitting, “I really, really must stop self-Googling.” Yesterday, I too, really, really needed to stop looking at my site stats!

Mostly, thank you to all the bloggers who shared comments of encouragement. They are so much appreciated!! And for those who chuckled, glad there were a few more smiles yesterday. A few hours on FP left me with (for those of you who inquired) close to 6,000 hits for the day, 400+ plus comments, and, yes, even an offer for a lunch date with an (unavailable) ex-boyfriend.

Those of you who choose to follow along, I will try not to disappoint, though I may have some trouble topping my own appeal.