The Beginning

I enjoy waking up every morning to a text that one of my students from the junior high ministry I volunteer with sends me. It always has a random fact or quote. One typical morning at school this semester, as I groaned hearing my alarm go off for my 8am class, I woke to a message that said, “Every moment is a place you’ve never been.” I love it! With my constant state of always wanting to run around and be somewhere new and experience a different place, I had to realize that I experience it everyday, just without knowing it. I needed to change my perspective. Having a basic routine and outline for your day doesn’t have to mean being stuck or restricted by those events and allowing your life to become dull. Yeah, I sat in Spokane all last semester knowing I was going to London in the spring, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t experiencing great things while I was there. I’ve wrapped up my time in Spokane for a while, said a lot of goodbyes, bought a lot of guidebooks, and I am about to have some incredible experiences.

With many travels ahead of me this year (beginning in just a couple short weeks!) I suspect I’ll have many more moments that are enlightening, terrifying, amazing, and overall they will provide me with a greater understanding of our world and the people in it. I’m pumped to see what 2008 holds and a little nervous about this whole blog thing since I’ve never tried it before, but  I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with you.

I’ve just returned from a couple days of skiing in Jackson Hole, WY (what a ridiculous place!), not to mention a great road trip and many hours in the car with Andrew Ferguson. Next up: London in two weeks, with a week of skiing in France at Meribel before I meet and move in with my host family in London and begin school! There’s a lot of prep to do, but it should be well worth it, and I’ll hopefully feel relaxed, excited and, appropriately, a little nervous once I board my British Airways flight! Bring it on!

As mom says, "Gather up as many good experiences as possible. It increases your chances of being a pleasant old person."

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